Life at BrahMos Aerospace

As the IGMDP emerged successful, DRDO looked out for cooperations to develop Cruise Missiles. This was also Dr. Pillai’s initiative. Under his able leadership, the joint venture was finalised with NPOM, Russia.

After the joint venture company was started as BrahMos Aerospace, all started in the ascent towards the zenith.

BRAHMOS was supposed to be just a supersonic anti-ship missile launched from coastal defence systems.

But it was Dr. Pillai’s effort that Indian Navy considered to mount BRAHMOS on their vessels. Today BRAHMOS is the premier fighting weapon for the Indian Navy.

In due course, under the direction of Dr. Pillai, the possibility of converting the anti-ship missile to strike coastal targets from combat naval vessels was initiated. The study came out that it was possible. The land attack version was developed for the Indian Navy.

During this period, sensing that Indian Army also wanted to buy a land attack missile from abroad, Dr. Pillai initiated efforts to convert the naval missile into a pure land based land attack missile.

The missile was developed, produced and inducted in a fast track and for the first time in India, a military product was delivered ahead of time.

Notwithstanding that simple version, under Dr. Pillai’s leadership, a precision strike version of the land attack missile was developed as Block-II, to precisely strike a target situated among other buildings. This version has also been inducted in to the Indian Army.

Next came the steep dive version developed as Block-III under his initiative. This version is for mountain strike missions. In the entire world, it is only BRAHMOS supersonic cruise missile which can fly downwards – whereas all other missiles only fly upwards.

During these activities was going on, the air version of the missile went in to an active phase of development. In the near future, BRAHMOS will be launched from air also.

Recently, BRAHMOS was fired from a submerged platform – the precursor for the submarine launched version. This is the only supersonic cruise missile that can be fired from a submarine.

Notwithstanding this expansion of capabilities, he also triggered the minds of the scientists to explore the possibility of using BRAHMOS against aerial targets. The results have been fruitful and in the near future BRAHMOS will be made a true universal missile capable of being launched from underwater, water surface, land and from the aircraft and be targeted against warships, land and aerial targets.

Never before in the missile history, a missile has been made this much capable, where as its beginning was just a humble anti—ship missile launched from coastal launchers.

In the corporate side, he just made the company which was operating from a single room to spread its wings all over India.

Today BRAHMOS has state of the art production and research facillities matching international standards.

Through his initiative, a sick PSU called as Keltec was acquired at Thiruvanandhapuram. This PSU was specialised in making aerospace components but was making loss due to lack of orders. Through his intervention that company which was almost insolvent was acquired and renamed as BrahMos Aereospace Thiruvanandapuram Ltd. Today it is becoming the second assembly line for the production of BRAHMOS missiles. Not only that, it is contributing to ISRO and BARC with their high precision manufacturing capabilities.

Under Dr. Pillai’s leadership, land was acquired from the Rajasthan State Government for the overhauling and maintenance facilities for the BRAHMOS missile systems. This happened when the company was delivering the ordered products. Foreseeing the requirement for the product support this effort was made, while the company was just delivering the deliverables.

Simply saying, under Dr. Pillai’s leadership, a one room company called BRAHMOS has spread its wings all over India and keeping the enemies of India ever under fear.

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