Books authored By Dr. A S Pillai

The Path Unexplored

This book describes the journey of BrahMos which made India a World Leader in missile technology with the fastest, high precision supersonic cruise Missile, realized in short time with a novel collaborative effort between India and Russia...

Thoughts For Change - We Can Do It

Since ancient India, the leading scientists had contributed immensely to the revolutionary progress.Today, the intellectual evolution in our..

Envisioning an Empowered Nation: Technology for Societal Transformation

The book outlines the dimensions of technology and the emergence of the knowledge economy..

Revolution In Leadership - Building Technology Competence

The book details how these developments were nurtured through management strengths and innovative use of the nations resource..

Revolution In Project Management

Most projects have many stakeholders with different aspirations from the project the customer demands quality, the investor wants fair return on investments..

Ocean Warfare: The Technology Waves

Oceans, comprising more than seventy percent of the earth, have been the most dominant theatre of many conflicts and wars over the past centuries..

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in Engineering

This book introduces advanced nanotechnology, its fabrication, characterization, imaging technologies..

Technology Leadership - A Revolution In The Making

In today's competitive world, it is the technological strength of a nation that decides its standing in the global arena..


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