Inspirational message on innovation, creativity & leadership

Turning the pages of our glorious past, I am reminded of our great nation and the compassion and commitment of its leaders. As I continue to contemplate, I am also reminded of a statement that troubles me a lot. Quite a few people have this feeling, "we have an absence of leaders, a void in societal leadership." I believe the individuals who share this sentiment are looking for leadership through "old-fashioned strategy”. The idea of one leader at the top of the stack, with everyone else below, is no longer the recommendation for today’s scenario.

If we are waiting for one or two people to rise up and be the leaders that set strategy and solve key issues, our wait may have to wait too long. Those seeking the "one" must adjust their lenses to see the "many" who are taking responsibility for our nation. These leaders, of which I speak, are enthusiastic and well thought-out around key issues such as transportation, housing, security, education and economic development - just to name a few. Each one requires a troupe of knowledgeable, cooperative and specialist leaders - to make an impact.

Many amidst you may have been involved in partnerships, coalitions and collaborations. Through these effective groups, your leadership is evident; you have a seat at the table. Habitually, we don't hear about the collaborative leadership or your individual successes, for that matter. However, we must remember that it is not about one, but many - it is not about us, but others.

Again, our issues are too complex for us to look to one or two individuals for solutions. Working together as sub-leaders or co-leaders, in a collaborative manner, is the succeeding formula for the future. Our success depends upon those sitting at the table and their abilities to work in this environment. I would like to quote a statement from a book, that a successful collaborative leader "has the ability to share power; is flexible; can see the big picture; is trustworthy and possesses patience, abundant energy and hope." Those leaders exist right here within us and our system(s) must be committed enough to making sure our collaborative leaders have the tools to be successful. It is simply the time to upgrade our vision.

"Diversity for growth and innovation" is one of the values and essential part of business strategy today. It is well known that understanding and drawing on the strength of diversity means meeting the needs of people around the world, building strong relationships, and fully engaging the talents of our people in the right direction. Or one can say is simple words, making the most of our diversity has always been the right and the smart thing to do.

We recognize the value and power of tapping into the full spectrum of ideas and abilities that people possess. Strength comes from the combination of some common factors, like our shared values, vision and purpose, as well as what makes us different, like experiences and perspectives.

We may grow as part of some organisation and as people when we encourage different viewpoints and ways of thinking — differences that come through diversity. That is what leads to true insights and innovative practices.

Supporting diversity for growth and innovation is a long term journey. Rewards have been and continue to be seen for the efforts made and the spirit of looking forward to do more - to helping create better futures for the nation as a whole.

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