Contribution to Defence Programs

Dr. A.S. Pillai played a key role in progressing the development of the critical technologies overcoming control regimes and technology denials. He also contributed in establishing link between R&D, academic institutions & industries for providing a combined strength for development of critical systems and technologies. Successful completion of AGNI and PRITHVI are examples of his tremendous contribution to bring the team together with focused action and problem solving. The other three missile systems - TRISHUL, AKASH and NAG are in the advanced stage of completion.

Apart from the IGMDP, Dr. Pillai has made significant contributions in conceiving and evolving new missile systems and their configurations, which are currently in progress. He has also played a very important role to build multi-institutional partnership and expanding the infrastructure for the emerging systems. The key achievement is in the development of critical and newer technologies giving challenge to the control regimes of technology denials. Many technology development programmes have been steered by him and are in the development stage.

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