The Path Unexplored

Book's Features:

Title    :    The Path Unexplored
Author    :    Dr. A S Pillai
Publisher    :    Pentagon Press
EAN    :    9788182747906
Publication Year    :    2014
Binding    :    Hardcover
Number Of Pages    :    298
Language    :    English

Short Description:

This book describes the journey of BrahMos which made India a World Leader in missile technology with the fastest, high precision supersonic cruise Missile, realized in short time with a novel collaborative effort between India and Russia. It is the first time experience in an unexplored path to demonstrate "we can do it".

While pondering over all hardships, collaborative efforts and all related issues, a strong thought came to the author’s mind that a book should be written on the experiences associated with the making of BRAHMOS. If not written properly, the efforts and techniques would be forgotten in the times to come and the youth may have to reinvent what has already been invented. Hence the ideas of drafting a book on the story of India’s transitional voyage - BRAHMOS, whose equivalent is yet to be born, came in to existence.

As the objective of the book is to reach everyone, deep technological intricacies have not been discussed and utmost care has been taken in maintaining the secrecy which relates to the design and performances of the weapon system, as BRAHMOS being a frontline weapon system for Indian Armed Forces. The appendix contains the fundamentals required for understanding a missile. If the reader is a novice to missile terminologies, it is strongly recommended that the reader must get acquainted with the basics of guided missile. This book has been divided into many parts to cover various aspects of the voyage.

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